Season 7

The Standard Snowboard Show

Snowboarding 2 hrs  12 mins 2010
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A snowboarding series by one of the top filmmakers in the sport, Standard Films.

What's the difference?

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Season Details
Synopsis Complete seventh season of The Standard Snowboard Show, 6 episodes.

Snowboarding's elite class of professionals are captured by a team of the most experienced filmmakers in "The Standard Snowboard Show." Each action-fortified episode takes viewers into the most dangerous and spectacular locations where big mountain experts conquer avalanche-prone descents around the globe. Stunning cinematography is matched by a driving score and an entertaining format which mixes in compelling profiles and feature segments, all focusing on the exciting world of freestyle and big mountain snowboarding.
Genres Snowboarding
Studio Standard Films
Rating not rated
Runtime 2 hrs  12 mins
Language English | Stereo