Episode 27

Long Board TV

Longboarding 22 mins 2004
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Seasons: 21

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We investigate Noosa, Australia's perfect point waves, the Surf

Dane Peterson, Jye Lee, Alex Knost

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Synopsis Since Bruce Browne's seminal surf film The Endless Summer hit theaters nearly five decades ago, surfers have been on a perpetual quest to find and ride flawless waves in far-flung locales. In this episode of Longboard TV, we investigate this dream by taking a look at three of the most oft-visited longboard destinations on the planet. First, we look at Noosa, Australia, home to perfect point waves and charming surf culture. Next, we provide contest coverage from the Surf
Athletes Dane Peterson, Jye Lee, Alex Knost, Dave Simons, Jimmy Gamboa, Belinda Baggs, Jacob Stuth, Tom Wegener, Josh Constable, Bart Wilson, Alex Salazar, Duane Desoto, Rusty Keaulana, Dino Miranda, Taylor Jensen, Bonga Perkins, Zack Howard, Phil Rajzman, Joel Tudor, Chris Bredesen, Andrew Logreco, Dodger Kremel, Jalian
Genres Longboarding
Studio Opper Sports Productions
Rating not rated
Runtime 22 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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