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22 mins 2009
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Pro snowboarder Josh Dirksen spends his summer time off in Zurich, Switzerland. But when he becomes bored of the warm weather, he heads to New Zealand to catch fresh powder.

Josh Dirksen, Shroder Baker

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Synopsis After a long, exhausting winter season, Josh heads to his home-away-from-home in Switzerland. He lives in Zurich with his girlfriend, a former pro snowboarder. During his precious time off in the summer, Josh hits up heavy recreational activities like mountain biking and wake surfing. He relishes his time off from the slopes and enjoys the warmer scene of Switzerland.

During his break, Josh also gears up for his annual summer trip to southern Hemisphere. Along with buddy, professional skier Shroder Baker, the unusual pair head down to New Zealand in search for snow.

Hoping to find uncharted territory and fewer pro shredders, the guys head to the less visited North Island of New Zealand. Their journey brings them to Mount Ruapehu, a volcano which is host to three ski resorts. The guys spend their entire stay near the volcano exploring the mountain’s snowboard potential.

It's an action packed summer for Josh as he visits both summer and winter extremes.
Athletes Josh Dirksen, Shroder Baker
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Runtime 22 mins
Language English | Stereo
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