Austrian Craft

MTB Insights Season 3

All Mountain 25 mins 2019
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How much does it take to be a professional on the biking scene in Austria? Clemens Kaudela will present us his riding and ramp building skills while Peter Kaiser, the young talent behind the lens, will show us how to score a dream job in the industry.

Makken, Jackson Goldstone, Veronique Sandler

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Synopsis Clemens Kaudela and Peter Kaiser are two extraordinary Austrians on their way to stay relevant to the biking scene. While Clemens is known as a renowned ramp builder and rider, young Kaiser is breaking through with his creativity behind the lens. In this episode of MTB Insights, we will see two different approaches to getting noticed in the industry.
Athletes Makken, Jackson Goldstone, Veronique Sandler, Eliot Jackson, Richie Schley, Brian Regnier, Noga Korem, Piotr Krajewski
Genres All Mountain, Cross Country Mountain Bike, Downhill Racing
Director Ryszard Syryczy
Writer Ryszard Syryczy
Studio XTreme Video
Rating not rated
Runtime 25 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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