Layover In Cleveland

The Adventures of Danny and the Dingo Season 1

Snowboarding 22 mins 2008
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The crew visit camera man Corolla's mom in Cleveland and are greeted by a 9:00am happy hour. Then Danny and Lucas head off to get tattoos.

Danny Kass, The Dingo, Lucas Magoon

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What's the difference?

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Synopsis The boys finish their last Zumiez signing in Long Island. On the way to Raging Buffalo they decide to stop halfway in Cleveland. Dawain, the bus driver, gets lost and begins driving in circles around Manhattan. Carolla, the camera man, takes charge of the Grenade RV and suggests that they drive straigistake of giving the producer a wedgie in which he retaliates with permanent reht to his mothe's house in Cleveland. The gang is in for a surprise when a very energetic mother greats everyone with Apple-cran martinis at 9am. After spending the morning at Carolla's mother's house, Danny, Dingo and Lucas decide to get tattoos. Lucas makes the msults for Lucas. With one stop left to go, the gang heads to the final stop Raging Buffalo and gets day 1 underway. That night the boys decide to go for a nice meal. At the table Goon takes a joke a little too far triggering Dingo into hitting Lucas so hard a lump the size of a golf ball forms on his forehead.
Athletes Danny Kass, The Dingo, Lucas Magoon
Genres Snowboarding
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Runtime 22 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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