Blackout went for it

Drive Thru USA

Travel 32 mins 2022
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5 | 13 ratings
Seasons: 7654321

The crew score perfect surf and Donavon finds a way to ruin lunch.

Donavon Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherley, Parker Coffin

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Synopsis 11X World Champion Kelly Slater spends his last day in Florida golfing with the crew and Benji finds a way to get his team to win. Day 10 the boys score perfect waves at Eric's home spot. Donavon finds a way to ruin lunch after falling into the river. Eric brings the crew to meet up with his band at Caroline Marks family Ranch to play some music.
Athletes Donavon Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherley, Parker Coffin, Eric Geiselman, Hendrix Frankenreiter, Griffin Colapinto, Evan Geiselman, Michael Dunphy, Pete Mendia, Kepa Mendia, Rob McCormick, Ryan Huckabee, Kelly Slater
Genres Surf Travel Movies
Director Greg Browning
Studio Poor Specimen
Rating not rated
Runtime 32 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, Catalan, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, German, French, Breton, Portuguese
Stream HD | 1920x1080