The Joel Connection

Drive Thru Australia

Shortboarding 22 mins 2009
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The crew hits up the Gold Coast with future ASP World Champion, Joel Parkinson.

Andy Irons, Shane Dorian, Mark Ochilupo

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Synopsis The second day on the Gold Coast and the crew prepares for an amazing day with future world champion Joel Parkinson. Joel decides to take the guys down to one of the lesser-known breaks on the coast and they arrive to find some amazing waves on a really shallow reef. Pat and Occy get a chance to surf the inside left by themselves, while the others joined Joel out the back for one of the best sessions of the trip. The excitement of beautiful 2-4 foot right hand barrels and crystal clear were only slightly lessened by 1 foot of water between the surfboard and the ocean floor. After a great session, the boys made there way into Coolangatta for lunch, and discovering the skydiving place next door, decided to jump out of a plane. After, the crew headed to Duranbah for what has been hailed as one of the greatest surf contests in history; The Occy Challenge. Consisting of two waves on the famous board Occy won the OP Pro on in the 80's, the winner would receive a case of Corona's. Tune-in to see who won and who got drunk...
Athletes Andy Irons, Shane Dorian, Mark Ochilupo, Donavon Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherley, Pat O’Connell
Genres Shortboarding, Surf Travel Movies
Studio 14 Day Productions
Rating not rated
Runtime 22 mins
Language English | Stereo
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