Issue 10

Dabble Video Magazine Season 1

Skateboarding 39 mins 2021
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Seasons: 1

iDabble VM issue 10 brings the usual thrilling group of characters and vibes that only skateboarding produces.

Mark Appleyard, Wee Man, Filipe Mota

Episode Details
Synopsis iDabble VM issue 10 brings the thrill with Montana shredder Sierra Fellers hosting a Footy Party. iDabble’s own Mark Appleyard shines in Rad Dads, while Peep the Park explores the Talent Skatepark in Vermont. Creating introduces Cookie Dough, and Midlife Crisis delves into Ira Ingram's, aka CurbKiller, story.
Athletes Mark Appleyard, Wee Man, Filipe Mota, Daniel Knapp, Criag Edwards, Spencer Semien, Donny Hixson, Andy Anderson, Sierrra Fellers, Jordan Maxham, Collin Hale, Chris Colbourn, Sawyer Dean, Anders Melen, Justin Rich, Devin Kinsman, Ira Ingram, Splill Gnarington
Genres Skateboarding
Director Jordan Maxham, Sierra Fellers
Writer Jordan Maxham
Studio Dabble Video Magazine
Rating not rated
Runtime 39 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions Japanese, German, Breton, Portuguese, English, Catalan, French, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Spanish, English
Stream HD | 1920x1080