Supra Boats Pro Wake Tour

Wakeboarding 3 hrs  29 mins 2023
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Seasons: 321

The PWT is the most important wakeboard circuit in the world, with the best riders and greates organization.

Cory Teunissen, Nic Rapa, Tyler Higham

Season Details
Synopsis The Pro Wake Tour is the longest-running most dominant, highest credibility professional wakeboard circuit in the world. Comprised of four cash prize events, the PWT showcases the top athletes from Europe, Australia, Canada, the US and more.
Athletes Cory Teunissen, Nic Rapa, Tyler Higham, Guenther Oka, Sam Brown, Massi Piffaretti, Shota Tezuka, Thomas Herman, Noah Wildman, Luca Kidd, Jake Pelot, Kai Ditsch, Fynn Bullock, Ulf Ditsch, Jaden Reichl, Maxime Roux, Parker Swope, Mackenzie McCarthy, Haydon Bru, Jamie Lopina, Pierce Anderson, Guy Firer, , Ulf Dilsch, Tanner Higham, Shola Tezuka, You Hamazaki, Cody Hunnicutt, Jamie Huser, , ,
Genres Wakeboarding
Studio Pro Wakeboard Tour
Rating not rated
Runtime 3 hrs  29 mins
Language English | Stereo