Brighton Resort - Part 1

Microdose Season 2

Snowboarding 9 mins 2023
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Seasons: 21

Brighton is the the first episode of a new Microdose series based on snowboarding's most influential resorts.

Justin Clark, Chris Coulter, Dave Downing

Episode Details
Synopsis For many, Brighton Resort, in Utah, USA, is the epic-center of the snowboard world and this is the first episode on a whole new chapter of the Microdose series, based on the most influential resorts in snowboarding history. Featuring Jeremy Jones, JP Walker, Shannon Dunn, Travis Parker and many more.
Athletes Justin Clark, Chris Coulter, Dave Downing, Shannon Dunn-Downing, Blue Montgomery, Brock Harris
Genres Snowboarding
Director Shane Charlebois, Justin Hostynek
Studio Absinthe Films
Rating not rated
Runtime 9 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions Japanese, German, Breton, Portuguese, English, Catalan, French, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, English
Stream HD | 1920x1080