From The Dirt

Off-Road and Truck 46 mins 2008
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4 | 5 ratings

An all HD Dirt lifestyle action sports film brought to you by Dirtalliance.

Nate Adams, Logan Darien, Kyle Engle

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Movie Details
Synopsis The Dirt Lifestyle is captured in HD in DirtAlliance's newest film From the Dirt with some of the biggest names in the dirt industry showcasing their lifestyle and showing how they are From the Dirt you will see everything from insane CORR racing to the sickest FMX and Desert driving. A multi genre soundtrack is set to blow your subs out of your system and with the cinema quality of HD footage you will be wanting more every minute. Director Matt Rodgers brings the artistic perspective of film making to the Dirt Lifestyle while shooting at some of the best locations around
Athletes Nate Adams, Logan Darien, Kyle Engle, Kyle Leduc, Nick Mazzio, Chad Leising
Genres Off-Road and Truck
Director Matt Rodgers
Writer Matt Rodgers
Studio Matt Rodgers Media
Rating not rated
Runtime 46 mins
Language English | Stereo
Stream HD | 1280x720