Highlights Simple Session 2023 - BMX

BMX 29 mins 2023
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Global BMX stars shine in Tallin, Estonia, for Simple Session 2023's celebration of skill and camaraderie.

Boyd Hilder, Matt Ray, Jordan Godwin

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Synopsis At the unforgettable Simple Session 2023 festival in Tallinn, Estonia, top BMX riders from around the globe showcased their prowess. A big shoutout to everyone who joined, rode, celebrated, and cheered on! Truly, from start to finish, it was a seamless spectacle and a true celebration of BMX.
Athletes Boyd Hilder, Matt Ray, Jordan Godwin, Courage Adams, Murray Loubser, Reed Stark, Kilian Roth, Joe Jarvis, Stuart Chisholm, Santiago Laverde, Bruno Hoffmann, Johnny Raekes, Parker Heath, Michael Dickson, Jacman Hinss
Genres BMX
Studio Simple Session
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Runtime 29 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions Japanese, German, Catalan, English, French, Portuguese, Breton, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, English
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