Unsung Heroes 2

Quad and ATV 1 hr  16 mins 2009
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Bshipman Films presents their 2nd film about unseen talents of motocross. Riders come together from around the nation to do what they love! Motocross, ATV MX, Side X Sides, Sand sports, Quad Freestyle, and Freestyle Motocross.

Derek Cook, Cody Powell, Jon Phillips

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Movie Details
Synopsis Ride with the BShipman Films crew as we catch FMX EAST while they session at one of America's oldest skate parks, and I don't mean on bmx bikes or boards! After that, we head to Texas where we capture crazyATV Freestylers throwing down after midnight! THEN, to top it off we head to the desert of Ocotillo for some natural terrain! From Rhino's to body varials, and an amazing soundtrack.. this movie has it all! So be sure to grab a set of goggles, because you are about to get roosted by HD greatness!
Athletes Derek Cook, Cody Powell, Jon Phillips, Gabe Moulden, Devin Humphrey, Blake Shipman, Jacson Sandcars Crew, Chris Shpman Rhino Racing, Justin Berry, Justin Bogle, Monte Frank
Genres Quad and ATV
Director Blake Shipman
Writer Blake Shipman
Studio Bshipman Films
Rating not rated
Runtime 1 hr  16 mins
Language English | Stereo
Stream SD | 852x480