On Any Sunday

Baja 1 hour  28 minutes 1971
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Featuring the legendary Malcolm Smith and movie legend Steve McQueen, this Bruce Brown film is a timeless classic unmatched by todays backyard video conglomeration. Bruce Brown is a master of entertaining quality videos. His coverage of these classic events will keep you on your toes.

Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, Mert Lawwill

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Movie Details
Synopsis Acclaimed filmmaker Bruce Brown turns his camera to the adrenaline-fueled world of motorcycle racing in the late 60s, featuring and co-produced by passionate racing enthusiast Steve McQueen.

From grueling local motocross dirt tracks to the legendary Daytona Beach, from the thrill of dune riding, ice racing and drag racing to the brutal challenge of the Baja 1000 and Elsinore Grand Prix, Brown's camera captured the unwavering dedication and passion of those those who push it to extremes and is still regarded as the greatest motorcycle movie ever made. Also featuring Malcolm Smith and Mert Lawwill.
Athletes Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, Mert Lawwill
Genres Baja, Dirtbike, Freestyle Motocross, Motocross
Director Bruce Brown
Writer Bruce Brown
Studio Bruce Brown Films
Rating not rated
Runtime 1 hour  28 minutes
Language English | Stereo
Download SD | 720x480 (1.20 GB)
Stream HD | 720x540