Donnie Hansen Motorcycle Academy Advanced Racing Techniques

Motocross 32 mins 2010
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Donnie "Holeshot" Hansen is a National, Supercross, and Motocross des Nations Champion! Spend some time with Donnie and some of the top riders in the country doing laps around technical and demanding tracks and learn various fundamentals and techniques.

Blake Baggett, Travis Baker, Jusstin Brayton

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Movie Details
Synopsis The Donnie Hansen Motocross Academy is a motocross riding school that teaches technqiues and skills to all levels and ages whether they are racers or just want to improve their riding skills. Speed training is part of the program for advanced racers wanting to improve their race results. DHMA offers unique value and insight that comes with multiple championships. Donnie "Holeshot" Hansen teaches all classes personally, and covers everything necessary to sharpen your technical riding skills, i.e. jumping, cornering, starts, braking, line selection, body positioning, mental training, and more. Students are carefully evaluated while taking the school.
Athletes Blake Baggett, Travis Baker, Jusstin Brayton, Martin Davalos, Ryan Dungey, Lauren Jung, Josh Hansen, Donnie Hansen, Tommy Hahn, Jason Lawrence, P.J. Larsen, Matt Lemoine, Kyle Lewis, Jeremy McGrath, Travis Preston, Ryan Morais, Sara Price, Nathan Ramsey, Tyle Rattray, Tommy Searle, Andrew Short, Ryan Sipes, Joshn Summey, Brock Tickle, Dean Wilson
Genres Motocross, Dirtbike
Director Andy Pritts
Writer Donnie Hansen
Studio DHMA
Rating not rated
Runtime 32 mins
Language English | Stereo
Stream SD | 960x540