Sand Blast

Quad and ATV 43 minutes 2006
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5 | 5 ratings

Sand cars, quads, bikes, and UTV's blast the dunes. This film captures sand dune lovers doing what they do best.

Extreme Performance

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Movie Details
Synopsis Wanna go for a ride? Fasten your seat belt and hold on as Clutch Films takes you on the most exciting sand adventure ever! There is something for everyone. The dunes are the perfect playground for all kinds of sports enthusiasts-from sand cars, trucks, jeeps, quads, buggys, dirt bikes, golf carts, rhinos, ATVs, minibikes, to sand boards. It doesnt get any better than playing with toys like these in natures sand box!
Athletes Extreme Performance
Genres Quad and ATV
Director Lawrence Lewis
Writer Lawrence Lewis
Studio Clutch Films
Rating not rated
Runtime 43 minutes
Language English | Stereo
Stream SD | 640x480