O Marisquiño 2023

Action Sports 16 mins 2023
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Skaters, BMXers and mountain bikers gather in Vigo, Spain, for the O Marisquiño 2023 action sports festival.

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Synopsis Taking the city of Vigo by storm, O Marisquiño has grown to become one of the greatest action sports festivals in Europe. Attracting participants from all over the world, and providing a huge structure, the event is comprised of a wide variety of competition formats and multiple experiences, as shown in this 2023 highlights show.
Genres Action Sports, BMX, Mountain Bike, Skateboarding
Director Alba Pardo
Studio Quadra
Rating not rated
Runtime 16 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions Spanish, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, French, English, Catalan, Portuguese, German, Japanese, English
Stream HD | 1920x1080